Evercare™ is designed to bring innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to the healthcare industry

About Evercare™

Evercare™ provides the healthcare industry with an extensive portfolio of specialty and innovative medical-grade films designed to provide superior performance and support regulatory compliance.

Our innovative polyester (PET and PETG) based solutions offer performance and sustainability advantages when compared to other materials. Evercare films facilitate the thermoforming process, provide improved mechanical and optical properties, and have a better resistance to sterilization.

EvercareTM films can incorporate advanced chemical recycled content to help you meet your sustainability goals without sacrificing quality and regulatory.

Our films are manufactured in strict compliance with GMP standards, with a track record of +65 years developing polyester films for regulated applications.

To support your regulatory compliance needs, Evercare™ films are offered with declarations such as ISO10993, USP661.1, ISO11607, as well as change notification.

About our sustainable solutions with post-consumer recycled content

Evercare™ films are available with 50% certified PCR content. Our films physically incorporate PCR which has been chemically recycled into new Selenis Selcare™ Eco-resins

Unique practical expertise goes beyond 'mass balance' and theory:

  • Integrated in-house mechanical and advanced chemical recycling
  • Full traceability from food-grade PET PCR; to resin; to film
  • Not 'mass-balance' - grades with defined recycled content
  • Certified by RecyClass

Operational advanced chemical recycling process breaks the cleaned recycled PET flakes back to BHET monomer enabling purified PET and PETG resins.

About our Group

Evercare™ is a brand of Evertis, experts in the production of mono and multi-layer thermoforming films for barrier and non-barrier applications.

Evertis is part of a vertically integrated group specialised in PET and PETG resins and films.

Our vertical integration provides a unique value proposition to our customers to facilitate the development of tailor-made solutions from resin to film to packaging, and to support the security of the supply chain thanks to our integration and international multi-site back-up.

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Innovative mechanical and chemical recycling in-house capabilities
Expert in the production of semi rigid PET barrier films for packaging applications
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A premium supplier of specialty copolyesters for diverse markets and applications

About our production footprint

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